Marked decline of employment in Canada in April

Recul marqué de l’emploi au Canada en avril

Photo: Nathan Denette, The canadian Press
Compared to march, payroll employment fell in all provinces in April.

After having reported a drop of nearly 1 million jobs in march, Statistics Canada reports that in April, payroll employment has declined in the country of 1.83 million, or 11.4 %, bringing the total losses since February to 2,769 million, a somersault of 16.3 %.

Compared to march, payroll employment fell in all provinces in April. The largest relative decrease was observed in Quebec, 13.1 %.

Quebec has also recorded the cumulative reduction of employment-the most marked since February, 19.4 %. In this chapter, the second lowest decline in Canada has been found in New Brunswick, 13.3 %.

Statistics Canada reports that the decline of employment by province reflect several factors, including the severity of the restrictions and the closures mandatory in each province, differences in the share of employment in each sector, as well as the severity of the pandemic COVID-19.

As to the hours worked, their total was down 8% in Canada in April, bringing the total decline registered since February to 15.1 %.

However, in the hospitals, the total number of hours worked rose from February to April and the overtime pay has increased by 31.2 %. However, the number of employees working in hospitals declined by 2 % from February to April, under the effect of the cancellation or postponement of a large number of consultations and treatments that are non-urgent.

In the goods sector job losses the most pronounced from February to April were recorded in the manufacturing sector (15.8 %) and construction (23.2 percent).

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