Maroon 5 at Super Bowl in 2019 : Nicki Minaj and Usher refused to sing on stage with the band

The american group Maroon 5 is currently in an impasse : find an artist or a group who agrees to perform with him during the Halftime Show of Super Bowl in 2019 !

Who will take the risk ? We talked about it again recently, the upcoming Super Bowl has become extremely political. In fact, after having marked the year 2018 with Fenty Beauty, Ocean’s 8, and the Met Gala, Rihanna has made the choice not to occur during the next Super Bowl and support Colin Kaepernick, the quaterback, fired by the NFL after publicly and peacefully protested against police violence. Since the announcement was made public of the refusal of Rihanna, the organizers of the event see red. Although they have found a group to perform on stage, he finds himself very much isolated. Indeed, following in the footsteps of Rihanna, many artists of color have preferred to decline any offer tying them to the National Football League.

More than clashée by Jay-Z on the album the Carter Everything Is Love, the NFL has seen his popularity take a real shot this year, Colin Kaepernick receiving the support of the industry giant sportswear : Nike. And if one speaks to you today in the Super Bowl this is because Maroon 5 is in a real impasse. Seven weeks of the event, Variety reveals that the group has already contacted a half-dozen artists to accompany them on stage. According to the american magazine, no affirmative answer was given by one of its artists. The Super Bowl taking place on February 3rd in Atlanta, the cradle of black music in the United States, to appeal to Cardi B and Migos seemed to be a coherent choice until Cardi B and Offset do not separate !

Among the other stars who have been approached, Mary J. Blige and Andre 3000 have raised concerns related to their employment at the respective times and thatof Usher, Lauryn Hill and Nicki Minaj have also been approached. Without success. Have not yet been officially announced by the NFL as the group who will perform during the Halftime Show, Maroon 5 is now in a situation very complex… especially when one knows that the Super Bowl is attended by more than 100 million Americans each year, and the Halftime Show is the musical performance of the most-awaited in the world. There is more to hope that the NFL and Maroon 5 quickly find a solution, because the Halftime Show requires a very large number of repetitions. In the rest of the music news, find out if Rohff clashe really Booba on Supernatural, his new album.