Marseille Asian Tour : Maeva in a panic, Trystana loose a new bomb with Alix… What will happen next week

If you want to know what will happen next week in Marseille Asian Tour, it’s all happening just below.

In episode 21 of the Marseillais, the Asian Tour, Nacca has posed an ultimatum to Maeva about Greg… So for him to prove his love, the pretty brunette decided to invite all her friends to do a canopy tour, taking care not to invite Greg to this activity ! And believe us that the inhabitants of Marseilles will remember for a very long time of this activity, accrobranche (treetop trail), since they will be in panic!!! And, more particularly, Maeva… The young woman will have fear of his life and at melty, we think that Julien Tanti and Paga will also have some difficulty to climb into the trees, as they have the vertigo !

Les Marseillais Asian Tour : Maeva en panique, Trystana lâche une nouvelle bombe à Alix... Ce qui va se passer la semaine prochaine

The next week, Trystana will also have a new discussion with Alix… Seeing that Benjamin Samat escapes him, Trystana is going to play his last card by making a new revelation to her rival ! And obviously, Alix does not enjoy the confidence of the pretty brunette… One can only imagine that it’s going to still blow up between Alix and Benjamin Samat ! For his part, Kevin Guedj will want to have a further discussion with Carla Moreau… Before knowing more about this new week of adventure, know that Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are very much in love, then they have taken a very big decision.