Marseille Asian Tour : Nacca poses an ultimatum to Maeva, Trystana upset against Benjamin Samat… Replay of episode 21

If you missed the episode 21 of the Marseillais, the Asian Tour, we offer you to discover our replay just below.

After a huge argument with Maeva because of Greg, Nacca decides to organize a meeting with them. He finds that Greg lacks respect, and he decides not to speak with him ! And relating to Maeva, he asks her an ultimatum : it’s either she calms down with Greg, the story is really going to finish!! For its part, Trystana is rise against Benjamin Samat… For the moment, she has no desire to speak with him ! Benjamin Samat confides then to his friends and he admits that he is at fault in the story with Alix. He also tells that he wants to get back in a relationship with her.

Les Marseillais Asian Tour : Nacca pose un ultimatum à Maeva, Trystana énervée contre Benjamin Samat... Replay de l'épisode 21

Later, Maeva proposes to his friends to go on a canopy tour. And to prove his love to Nacca, she decides not to invite Greg ! During this time, Jessica Thivenin, Julien Tanti, Benjamin Samat and Trystana are left to work in a pineapple plantation. The opportunity to Trystana to confess that she found that Alix is vicious and not sincere… Julien Tanti rather agreed with it. The latter then decides to organize a discussion between Alix and Trystana ! Monday, in the next episode, the two young women will again explain… But first, discover the secrets of Julien Tanti and Paga on their role as facilitators on 6play.