Martika (LMvsMonde3) : His adventure, and his reunion with Julien Guirado, MELAA4… It tells us everything (EXCLUDED)

Martika comes to entrust to the drafting of melty on his adventure in The Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3 and we offer you to discover this interview as soon as possible !

After the reunion of the explosive between Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, we have finally been able to attend to those between Martika and Julien Guirado during episode 29 of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3 ! The two former soon took the lead and obviously, the rest of their adventure could be quite complicated… on the occasion of his arrival in the program made in W9, Martika has granted us an exclusive interview and she talked to us about his adventure, Julien Guirado and his future on tv. Check out her secrets below, and just after, are going to test your knowledge of Julien Bert !

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melty : Hello, how are you ?

Martika, candidate of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3 : It’s going very well !

melty : How did this new adventure with the rest of the World ?

Martika : I have grave kiffé, there was a good atmosphere. As usual !

melty : Your reunion with Julien have been explosive…

Martika : Very explosive ! I arrived there, I didn’t care for him. I have my darling and I am happy. I dreaded not to see it, but you’ll necessarily how it will happen… He said that I made my circus (in our interview with Julien Guirado, editor’s note), but this is the first of its circus in front of the cameras !

melty : would You be ready to begin filming with the rest of the World for the next cross ?

Martika : Yeah, why not.

melty : And a show just around the rest of the World ?

Martika : Yes, I could do it. It is necessary to see the concept, why not. But in any case, not a show that revolves around the love !

melty : You don’t intend to stop the tv because you are a couple then ?

Martika : no, not at all !

melty : A program such as the Battle of The Couples may be of interest to you with your darling ?

Martika : I don’t know… It would be more runners to make Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers ! I have grave kiffé participate in this program. I was able to get out of my environment thanks to this adventure, and I was able to rediscover.

melty : A word for the readers of melty ?

Martika : I embrace you strong and I thank all the people who follow me on the social networks.

Part 2/2 of the interview with Martika arrives very soon !