Martika (LMvsMonde3) : The new family from the rest of the World, tensions with Nikola Lozina, its blows of heart… It tells us everything (EXCLUDED)

Martika has recently entrusted with the drafting of melty and it offers you to discover its secrets just below.

Tonight on W9, Martika risk of being removed from the cross in the defeat of his team… And against all odds, Julien Guirado (with which it is clashée during episode 29 of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3) has decided not to eliminate it ! On the other hand, Nikola Lozina will not hesitate to put his name in the ballot box and elsewhere, Martika spoke to us about his strained relationship with the young belgian… during this interview, she also told us of the new family from the rest of the World and its blows of heart of the adventure ! Of secrets to discover below and after that, check out if you have completed week 6 of the Marseillais VS the rest of the World 3.

Martika (LMvsMonde3) : La nouvelle famille du reste du Monde, les tensions avec Nikola Lozina, ses coups de coeur... Elle nous dit tout (EXCLU)

melty : In the credits, we see that with Nikola Lozina it is still a little power between you…

Martika, candidate of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3 : I launched a small peak at Nikola when I was eliminated for him to do a recall over the last year. It was a joke, that’s all.

melty : What is this that thou hast thought of this new family, the rest of the World ?

Martika : I arrived in the course of the adventure, therefore, the affinities have already been created. It was quite difficult for me to integrate. This year, they were less in the competition, but more in the love stories.

melty : You had the beating of the heart in the course of this adventure ?

Martika : In the new meetings, there was Laura and Paga also which is very nice. There is Carla, Jessica, Julien Bert, also, that I already knew. In the whole, the adventure went well.

melty : regrets for this adventure ?

Martika : no, no regret !

melty : What are your projects at the moment ?

Martika : I am developing my brand of jewelry always. I have other projects in progress, but for the moment, I’d rather not talk about it.