Masha Efrosinina revealed the details of the separation from her husband

Маша Ефросинина раскрыла подробности расставания с мужем

Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina revealed the details of her breakup with Timur by Chromium.

On the official channel of Masha Efrosinina published an interesting YouTube video. Sonya Placidus took part in the segment of the Exam, which, as admitted by the presenter, feared by many Ukrainian stars. However, the tricky questions were given not only to the guest. Efrosinina had to tell, when was the last time she had to say “I’m leaving you,” reports

“In 2013 when I was away from my husband Timur. We decided that our relationship was over. Just like that, without any reason. By the time we were married 10, almost 11. Each has made a career, we have Nanokku, everyone lived their lives. And somehow we understand. I’m 33, he’s 37 years old. Young, famous, wealthy, smart people. Why lie to each other? No feelings. I found out on the set of the show Showmustgoon rough sleeping in clothes. Some wipes I ripped off the makeup with a sore face because after 3 hours again to rise and a new makeup. And somehow I thought that even the home not going. I do not want. What am I kidding this guy?” it was about the presenter.