Masha Efrosinina was told about the relationship with her husband

Маша Ефросинина рассказала про отношения с мужем

Masha Efrosinina admits that her marriage to Timur by Chromium for 16 years, has experienced different periods, including a divorce. Of course, sincere feelings, won the temporary difficulties and now this pair is considered to be one of the most exemplary in the Ukrainian show business.

But all this became possible thanks to huge work on two relationships. In his latest interview with Viva! the presenter told how her husband managed to cope with crises and build a happy Union.

“The first thing we agreed to wait for each other what each can give. Agreed that I should stop to draw a perfect image I would like to see the person you love. And he can finally see the house wife without the image that drew himself and which felt so cool,” – said Masha.

TV presenter admitted that to unmask her was very difficult.

“I thought without her I’m not interesting, not expressive, not strong. I’m just a weak woman, like many others, with their complexes… Timur told me: “I need such you. With a bundle on his head. With tears when sad. With a bad mood,” she recalls.

According to Masha, to change and to open it was very hard, but she began to notice a huge change in her husband and his interest in everything that was important.

“He got to hear my desires and ceased hostility to perceive what I wanted from him. And thanks to him, his faith in me is today, and my charity weekends, and the strength to speak in front of a large audience and work one-on-one, when I record my videos for YouTube” – sure, Mary, writes