Mass deaths and executions in place: recent data about mers in different countries

Массовая смертность и расстрелы на месте: свежие данные про коронавирус в разных странах

Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the world. The number of infected on Friday morning, March 6, is 98 385 people. 3 383 people died. After the disease 55 423 people have recovered, as evidenced by the data of the center of system studies at Johns Hopkins University.

“Apostrophe” has collected all that is known at the moment.

The virus is dangerous for the nervous system

Chinese doctors have found that the coronavirus that can damage the Central nervous system. The doctors managed to cure a 56-year-old patient whose cerebrospinal fluid contained the virus. The diagnosis was made on January 24. However, after regular treatment, his condition did not improve, but worsened. Subsequently, he developed symptoms associated with decreased level of consciousness, although computed tomography of the head showed no signs of pathology.

Only after the sequencing of genes on the samples of his spinal fluid confirmed the presence of coronavirus and a new type of diagnosed this patient with viral encephalitis – inflammation of the brain. After successful treatment of encephalitis, the man was discharged from the hospital on February 25.

Personal physician that the patient said that as soon as the patient with coronavirus are disorders of consciousness, physicians should consider neyrovirushnykh infections.

People are massively dying

In Italy, the service was discovered 769 new patients and 41 people died. Only in Italy was ill 3858 people.

The Italian government announced emergency measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. In this regard, decided to close all universities and schools.

New countries and new infections

13-year-old girl in Brazil have discovered a new type of coronavirus without any symptoms. Due to the lack of symptoms, this case will not be included in the number of officially confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. However, the test for coronavirus was positive.

Spain confirmed 37 new cases of infection. In Iran – 591 in the U.S. – 68.

In South Korea, the overall prevalence of approximately 6284 people. Authorities urged people to stay home.

On first detection of said virus in South Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Kingdom of Bhutan the first case was diagnosed in a 76-year-old American tourist who arrived in the country from India. In Bhutan for three weeks will close schools and other institutions in the districts that were visited infected.

The Israeli government expanded the “quarantine list” of eight countries. Tourists and citizens of these countries will be quarantined once they arrive in Israel.

The Chinese authorities advise residents in the border area with North Korea is not near the border, otherwise they risk being shot by North Korean border guards.

Массовая смертность и расстрелы на месте: свежие данные про коронавирус в разных странах

Billions from the IMF

The international monetary Fund announced the allocation of 50 billion dollars in aid to countries affected by the coronavirus. The money allocated to help the poor countries and countries with middle income, with weak health systems, contain the epidemic.

“Global growth in 2020 will fall below last year’s level, but how it will fall and how long this will continue is difficult to predict,” – said the managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva.

Coronavirus in Ukraine and quarantine in Novye Sanzhary

The first case of HIV in Ukraine, confirmed on 3 March. The disease was discovered in Chernivtsi men, who came to Ukraine by car from Romania. Before that, he visited Italy. The man was urgently hospitalized, and later was taken to the hospital and his wife. It happened after the neighbors raised a wave of indignation, that his wife infected isolated themselves in the apartment. In women the symptoms of coronavirus are not.

On March 6 it became known that a resident of Kramatorsk suspected Chinese coronavirus. On 5 March she returned from Thailand and was hospitalized with symptoms of SARS. The woman was isolated and was taken biological material, sent to study in Kiev. Quarantine was organized in Mornography infectious diseases hospital, and patients will be taken to the Constantine infectious diseases hospital, Mariupol city hospital # 4 and hospital emergency room.

According to the source “Apostrophes”, in Kiev from Italy returned to the student with one of the symptoms of coronavirus.

In Novye Sanzhary ended the period of observation of citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who were evacuated from Wuhan on 20 February due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

President Vladimir Zelensky March 5, visited the New Sanzhary, where he met with evacuees, who spent two weeks for observation. The President arrived with a big pink bear and gave a small briefing for the press.

Evacuated Ukrainians President Zelensky made gifts. One of them he gave a watch worth more than 4 thousand hryvnia.

In Chernivtsi region declared quarantine in all schools, except kindergartens. In the region, including in Chernivtsi, suspended the process of learning from 6 to 22 March inclusive. The decision to extend the restrictive measures will be taken closer to the 22nd, depending on the situation.

In BOAZ stated that, most likely, in Ukraine will be documented many cases of infection COVID-19, however, the country is ready to fight the disease.


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