Mass screening in the hospital of Saint-Jérôme

Marco Bélair-Cirino and

Marie-Eve Cousineau

July 8, 2020

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A major screening of the COVID-19 begins on Wednesday at the hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme. Some 1,500 employees will undergo a test by Friday, in order to identify potential vectors of the disease and stop the outbreak of coronavirus in the establishment.

Approximately 75 patients and more than thirty employees of the Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme were declared positive at the COVID-19 for a month. Four units, on the nine friendly adults, are affected. “We have not found the person-to source,” said Sylvain Pomerleau, deputy director general of the CISSS of the Laurentians. There are so many patients and employees who are asymptomatic. “

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, visits are prohibited from a week at the hospital. New moms and children in the hospital may, however, be accompanied by a family member. Patients receiving palliative care may receive visitors.

The CISSS of the Laurentians said to have made call for additional staff to clean the facilities. Employees and specialists in the prevention and control of infections have also been added on the floor in order, among other things, provide employees with training on the wearing of personal protective equipment.

The efforts are beginning to bear fruit, according to Sylvain Pomerleau. “There was a unit where there has been no new cases for five days,” he says.

Now all that remains is to determine how many employees are infected without knowing it. “Our fear is that there are a lot of cases,” said Dominic Presseault, president of the Syndicate of workers of the Laurentians health and social services-CSN. It will have an impact. These employees must retire during a period of 14 days. “

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The management will then have to find solutions to replace them. No question, the union says, to slash the employees ‘ vacation. “Everyone has the right to two weeks this summer, says Dominic Presseault. The workers need to rest, before the second wave. “

The mayor of Saint-Jérôme, Stephen Maher, says he is “very concerned” by the outbreak in the hospital. It is believed that the dilapidated condition of the hospital center, built in 1957, has contributed to the spread of the COVID-19. “It is a decisive factor, he argues. It is a hospital outdated and that is surachalandé. Patients are found in four ancient rooms that were designed for two. “

Sylvain Pomerleau admits that the dilapidated facilities, ” brings additional challenges “. “The staff must be even more vigilant to change his or her personal protective equipment,” he says. When a patient side of another goes less well, it should take five seconds to change his gloves and do not rescue him immediately. “

In point of press in Saint-Jérôme, the prime minister François Legault has emphasized that it is ” urgent that we extend, modernize the hospital of Saint-Jérôme “. “It is simply impossible with the volume of the hospital to be able to provide services within timeframes that are reasonable “, he added.

The prime minister has rejected the blame on the previous governments. “Here, in the Laurentians, it’s been a long time that we hear about the expansion of Saint-Jérôme, said François Legault. I can’t believe that this is not yet started. “

Screening in the community

According to the CISSS of the Laurentians, the region has seen a hundred new cases since last week. On Tuesday, many people were standing in line in the car to undergo a screening test in a mobile clinic, present in Saint-Jerome for the day.

Martine was waiting for his turn for two hours during the passage of the Duty. She had no symptoms like the COVID-19. “I work with the public, she said. I wanted to be sure that my health was correct. I found that people did not respect the distance. “

Danielle, she decided to take a test due to a sore throat. She works in customer service. “No client, I would have left to live [the virus] to see what would have happened,” she said.

The screening tests are declining in the Laurentides region, as in Québec. “The mobile unit has for objective to stimulate the screening,” says Sylvain Pomerleau.

Over the next few days, the clinic must include a stop at Mont-Tremblant and Lachute.

Nine more deaths

The pandemic has made 9 new deaths in Quebec in the last 24 hours, was it announced on Tuesday. The balance sheet is now 5590 the dead, when one adds to the four deaths that occurred before 29 June. There were 60 new infections, for a total of 55 997 cases. The number of hospital admissions had fallen to 30, at 347. One more person was in the intensive care unit, or 26.

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