Matthew Delormeau : Key Not at My Post People deprogrammed for another show, users will see red

After only a few months of existence, TPMP People could well be deprogrammed for the benefit of another issue. A situation that is not pleasing to the internet users.

It is now official : as from 9 November, TPMP People will check, and will now be broadcast on Friday, from 17.45, to the place is that of the tv. A change in schedule that occurred following the hearings down the talk show that makes you lose almost 45 minutes of program, and which could well sign the beginning of the end for the show people animated by Matthew Delormeau, after this joke of Vincent Moscato, which does not pass in TPMP. In response to this announcement, users were many to show their support to the facilitator, who would be replaced by access by TPMP : Open to all, several rumors announced the presence of Jean-Luc Lemoine in the presentation.

Matthieu Delormeau : Touche Pas à Mon Poste People déprogrammé pour une autre émission, les internautes voient rouge

On social networks, Matthew Delormeau has been able to rely on the many messages of support from internet users : “I wait for Friday with impatience to see Matthew Delormeau in TPMP People, I find it a pity to deprogram while it was very good hearing”, “We do not want a TPMP People where we lose 45 minutes of the broadcast ! #DonneznousplusdeMatthieu”, “Matthew Delormeau excels in his role of moderator, no offense to some”. You will understand, Matthew Delormeau, which was of the big revelations in TPMP People last week is not ready to be shunned by the viewers of C8.