Matthew Lacroix (The Villa of Broken Hearts 4) : Relationship with Jelena, crush for Melanie Dedigama, betrayal of Julia Paredes… He entrusts himself (EXCLUDED)

Matthew Lacroix of The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 tells the exclusive melty his adventure marked by its heart stroke for Jelena and very nice meeting friendly.

While Jazz of The Villa, the battle of the couples, was lynched by the users after having revealed the name of his son, the adventure in The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 continues on TFX. Under the sun of The Dominican Republic, the candidates routinely engage in coaching sessions with Lucy to try to resolve their problem. But the adventure is not easy, because of the clashes will erupt and couples will form. Exclusively for melty, Matthew Lacroix told us about his experience with a strong heart stroke for Jelena. The young man also talked about his coaching, his project to the tv or Melanie Dedigama, who is traumatized by the reality tv.

Matthieu Lacroix (La Villa des Coeurs Bris?s 4) : Relation avec Jelena, crush pour M?lanie Dedigama, trahison de Julia Paredes... Il se confie (EXCLU)

melty : Hey Matthew ! We’ll see you in The Villa of Broken Hearts 4, why did you agree to participate in this program ?

Matthew Lacroix, a candidate for The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 : Because it is a program totally different from all those that exist. You can’t be fake. When you’re in The Villa, it really is for a cause close to your heart. It is a show that allows viewers to identify with. In the street, there may be people who have a broken heart and that are evil and through us and our coaching sessions, it can sometimes help to get better.

melty : What was your problem in love ?

Matthew Lacroix : My problem was : “I’m always the good friend”. In fact for me, when you’re in a couple, one becomes vulnerable. It opens its heart, you become someone who can be hurt easily… Or at least that’s what I thought. When I was in a relationship, I put up a barrier to friendship.

melty : Your coaching sessions with Lucy have they helped ?

Matthew Lacroix : For me, it didn’t give me lessons, because it is not there for that. She was there to make us open our eyes. Through my coaching sessions, I understood that love was not supposed to suffer.

melty : How was your meeting with her ?

Matthew Lacroix : With Lucy in the beginning I was stressed and I did not want to talk. When it is something that keeps me really at the heart and relates to love, I do not deliver. Lucy is a great person who does not force people.

melty : During the adventure, you are a lot closer to Jelena. How it happened ?

Matthew Lacroix : With Jelena it’s done naturally. She touched me from the moment she started to cry when the first round table. It was something strong, and I wasn’t expecting.

melty : is there any candidate that you have fallen in love with ?

Matthew Lacroix : Melanie is a very beautiful woman and I’m not hiding but my heart has swung to Jelena.

melty : Among the candidates, who have become thy beating heart of the adventure ?

Matthew Lacroix : Honestly with the boys, we formed a big group. There has been some fighting, but otherwise I had a beating heart for Bastien, Nadia… Jordan it has been my most beautiful encounters in The Villa. It is an extraordinary person, he was a little bit of the dad in the adventure he has been there for all the world.

melty : Have you been disappointed by some people ?

Matthew Lacroix : I’ve had disappointments, yes. Julia she has done things he should not do, you do not play with people. Illan is someone a little weird. It’s not that bad, but it needs attention. He wants to make it tons but in real life I am sure that this is not a bad boy… But in the end it makes it a bit corny it’s a shame.

melty : As Julien Guirado, for example, could you redo the season, The Villa of Broken Hearts ?

Matthew Lacroix : Yes… I hope not for me because I do not want to have your heart broken but it was a nice adventure !

melty : what is The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 brought to you ?

Matthew Lacroix : Now, I take the time to really know the people. For me a kiss is no evidence of more than one couple, for example.

melty : What are your future projects ?

Matthew Lacroix : If The Marseilles remind me I go there because it was a show of madness. I could do with The Villa, the battle of the couple because there is competition… Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers also or even the Princes of the Love now that I have worked on my issue (laughs).