Mauritius anti-fuel oil with on-board equipment

L’île Maurice lutte contre le mazout avec les moyens du bord

Photo: Eric Villars via Associated Press
The bulk carrier “Wakashio” has failed the July 25, a few hundred metres of the Pointe d’esny, in the south-east of the island of Mauritius.

A japanese ship that was stranded at the end of July off the island, spilling oil slicks on the coasts. Paris has sent reinforcements materials via the Meeting while residents try to save their lagoon.

“We have tried to place a dam for containment around the vessel, but this works poorly because of the strong waves. “The spokesman of Mitsui O. S. K. Lines, the japanese company that operates the vessel Wakashio, which ran aground on July 25, a few hundred metres of Pointe d’esny, in the south-east of the island Mauritius, was recognized Saturday for its impotence.

The 200 tonnes of diesel and 3 800 tonnes of heavy oil escape from the holds of the ship flying the panamanian flag, polluting the shores of paradise to the city of Mahebourg. The roots of the mangroves of Old Grand Port and the mangrove mangrove soaked in oil, the rivière des Creoles is shining tar, and the site of red Cliff, Wood Amourettes or Four Sisters are also soiled.

3 800

This is the number of tonnes of heavy oil — in addition to 200 tons of diesel that was carrying the vessel Wakashio, which ran aground after striking a reef near Pointe d’esny, in the south-east of the island of Mauritius.


The oil spill threat, even ile aux Aigrettes, which is home to endemic species such as the bird-glasses, and the pink pigeon smooth, and the marine park of Blue Bay, known for its turtles. The government of mauritius has declared a state of environmental emergency and closed the schools who are faced with the sinking, due to the fumes deleterious.

Under criticism from the opposition, after several days of he, the prime minister, Pravind Jugnauth, has recognised that Mauritius (1,3 million inhabitants) “does not have the expertise nor the means to provide flow of boats in trouble” and has requested the help of France. Emmanuel Macron immediately cracked a message on Twitter to pledge his support : “When the biodiversity is in danger, there is an urgency to act. France is there, alongside the people of mauritius. “

L’île Maurice lutte contre le mazout avec les moyens du bord

Photo: Dev Ramkhelawon Express Mauritius via Agence France-Presse
The ship, embedded with coral reefs, could break in two, which would have effects “devastating in the Indian ocean”.

On Saturday, a tactical aircraft military transport, loaded with gear in the fight against pollution, took off from the Meeting, which is located 200 kilometres from Mauritius, to deliver 600 metres of floating barriers. The Champlain, a building of the support and assistance of the navy, has also departed for route Sunday six tons of equipment, including skimmers and other écrémeuses oil.

Under the effect of a swell of three metres, the Wakashio, recessed on coral reefs, could break in two. “If the cargo is spread, the effects would be devastating in the Indian ocean “, was raised in Paris, Annick Girardin, minister of the Sea.

To this day, the Meeting seems, however, to the shelter of the black tide. “In the light of weather conditions and running for three days, the pollution is expected to remain located on the coast of mauritius “, said the prefecture of the French island. The prefect, Jacques Billant, however, has activated a crisis unit.


Saturday, the twenty members of the crew, until then confined, have been able to get their quarantine after being declared negative to the COVID-19. The captain of the cargo ship, he was hélitreuillé aboard the ship by the police in mauritius, which seeks to understand the causes of the accident. The officers of the Central Criminal Investigation Department seized the diary and several documents, reports the information site Defimedia.

New cracks have been discovered on the wreck, but the vessel damaged was able to be fully drained, has secured an adviser to the prime minister on the Radio More. Over 500 tons of heavy oil have been pumped from the ground and the hydrocarbons do déverseraient more in the sea.

L’île Maurice lutte contre le mazout avec les moyens du bord

Photo: John Aurelio Caution Express Mauritius via Agence France-Presse
Hundreds of volunteers and many elected officials hurry to clean up the banks, with the help of struts floating, filled with straw and hair.

On the coast, hundreds of volunteers and many elected officials hurry to clean up the banks and make socks that are floating base of nylon and down. Before the lack of resources, the Mauritians make fire of any wood : the call “Given to seve pou sov nou lagoon” (” give your hair to save our lagoon “) has been launched. The idea seems preposterous, but it turns out that hair, lipophilic, absorb the fat and could mop up oil spills. A young member of parliament, Joanna Bérenger, has cut her hair ; the salon will collect the hair of their customers ; an association of defence of animals, the NGO Paws, retrieves the hair of dogs and cats. A French association, Hairdressers fair, has even proposed to send 20 tons of hair. The locals also gather the straw of sugar cane in the fields to fill the rolls.

This oil spill is a disaster for Mauritius, including tourism revenues have already plunged since the outbreak of COVID-19, air links with the outside being suspended until September.

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