Max Barsky told how to make a wish

Макс Барских рассказал, как правильно загадывать желание

Max Barsky, who recently conquered the stage at the International Exhibition Center with a new show “Seven”, told how to make a wish for the New year.

The artist shared a private, 100% way of wish fulfillment in an interview with the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

As the artist admitted, in order that all desires turned into reality, you need to write their deepest desires on a napkin, to burn it so the ashes were in a champagne glass and drink.

“Under the Christmas chimes I quickly write on a napkin all their desires, then the cloth on fire, throw in the glass when it burns out – pour champagne and drink. But that’s all you need to do, until the sound strikes twelve o’clock. All wishes come true!” – told Barsky, reports