May, concert, intimate and interactive : the gamble of Geneviève Leclerc

Geneviève Leclerc a donné, dimanche 31 mai, la toute première représentation de emMai,/em un concert interactif enregistré depuis un studio de Longueuil, et retransmis emlive /emsur Facebook.

Genevieve Leclerc was given, Sunday, may 31st, the very first performance of <em>May</em> an interactive concert recorded from a studio in Longueuil, and transmitted back to <em>live </em>on Facebook.


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May, concert, intimate and interactive : the gamble of Geneviève Leclerc

Yves Bergeras

Yves Bergeras

The Right

Genevieve Leclerc was given on Sunday may 31, his first big gig virtual interactive. Titled May, he was captured by three cameras, from the Studio Open House in Longueuil, quebec.

This show paying (he had to pay 19,93$ to have access), broadcast live and in high definition * via the platform the point-of-sale, the Gatineau wanted “very different concerts, traditional”, given on the boards. History of “take full advantage of what we can do thanks to the Internet,” confided she to the Right, a few hours before the kick-off of the show.

If a lot of artists in quebec have, since the beginning of the containment, tested the Facebook live by offering concerts from their living room, more rare are those who have explored more fully the “infinite possibilities” offered by the Internet and the dematerialization of boards, writes Genevieve Leclerc.

In this chapter, it mentions the launch virtual of the new album by Catherine Major, two weeks earlier, as well as the recent benefits of virtual Eric Pagano (Voice – 2019), Martin Fontaine, Pépé and his guitar, and Mononc’ Serge.

“I watched them all, not in a competitive spirit, but to see what works and what doesn’t work,” she says. Their common point: “They were all about scenes. And in my eyes, this is not the ideal formula, among other things because you can feel the distance”, even when one manages to hide it a little, analysis Genevieve Leclerc.

The virtual mode “has something very ‘reality tv’. The fourth wall is not there ; it is therefore necessary that the artist is very connected to the people. In his eyes, it is essential, therefore, that his artistic proposal can “take advantage” of this ” new form of proximity.”

With May, the goal “is to keep me away from the show – ‘on stage’. With a simple camera, we can really exploit the proximity”. We can – and we must, she believes – “show the things much more closely.” Play with the lighting and the angle of the cameras”. Without imitating the tv, because “people don’t want a show from tv: they have already”.

She wanted to give the audience the impression that he “follow the artist as when it is in the studio, doing an album”, rather than the show in the process of surveying the scene. “Occupy the stage space, it only takes on its full meaning if there is in the world in this space.”

Geneviève Leclerc – who co-produced the show with the company Bam Media, based in Quebec – chose to frame a studio that she “knows well”, and where she feels “comfortable”.

La chanteuse Geneviève Leclerc a posté dimanche matin cette photo sur son compte Facebook. On la voit ajuster les derniers préparatifs du concert virtuel qu'elle s’apprêtait à donner. «emQuelques ajustements de dernière minute ce matin ! [...] J’ai eu le plaisir d’apprendre énormément dans de nouveaux domaines. Le coffre à outils se remplit petit à petit ! Merci de faire partie de l’aventure !/em» a-t-elle commenté, sous la photo.

The singer Geneviève Leclerc was posted on Sunday, morning this photo on his account Facebook. We see her adjust the final preparations for the concert, virtual she was about to give. “A few last-minute adjustments this morning ! […] I had the pleasure to learn a lot in new areas. The tool chest fills up little by little ! Thank you for being part of the adventure !” she commented under the photo.

Courtesy Genevieve Leclerc (Facebook)

It is indeed at the Open House Studio that the singer had recorded the voice of her first two albums

The virtual performance, the “playing field completely new”, and allows him to rethink how to work the artistic direction. It is in his eyes a fundamental advantage of the interactivity that promotes the Web, then that, “hidden behind their computer screen, the spectators seem to be less shy, more inclined to express themselves spontaneously, kept the singer before his performance.

The result would prove him right. The “curtain” virtual was not yet lifted, already, some 225 spectators who waited wisely the singer had left a hundred comments reflecting their joy and their impatience.

Subsequently, the chat was going to win in intensity, at the bend of the songs being heard, either to share its “chills,” send that one “Tchin! Tchin!”, that a “Thank you!”, that of hearts, multicolored, or to venture to a special request. And sometimes to share small technical problems – problems related to the computer tools of the auditor, and not on the side of the broadcast.

The concert

Geneviève Leclerc began his concert in the arms of Fip. The hymn to love, first of all, in chains on Nothing of Nothing… you know, the one that ends with “today, it starts with you!”. Subtle Message, but clear, that the Genevieve Leclerc 2.0 has not said its last word virtual.

That said, the Gatineau “does not like too much the word “virtual”: “It’s a little robot,” she confessed in the beginning of the concert, before discussing the many “people” who surrounded him, hidden behind the scenes – including the owner of the studio, Caroline Mailhot, who also acted as producer and moderator ; the technicians; and Gina, his wife, and his “anchor”, in the absence of that the stress of Geneviève Leclerc can become unreasonable. Or even his mother, a more distant but no less valuable.

Organiser le volet technologique d'un tel concert n'est pas une mince affaire, laissait entendre Geneviève Leclerc sur son compte Facebook, quelques jours avant l'événement.

Organize the technological part of such a concert is not an easy matter, suggested Genevieve Leclerc on his account Facebook, a few days before the event.

Image from Facebook

There was also – not quite at his side, rules of the “2 mr” health requires, but not very far away, in another part of the studio she also filmed – her pianist Nicolas Burgess. That we noticed, but we would have liked to see more, in a mortise or cross-fade.

Geneviève Leclerc has shed a few tears at the end of its recovery in the Parc Belmont Diane Dufresne and revisited with a lot of subtlety to Crazy by Patsy Cline.

While Nick Burgess continued strumming gently on his instrument, the singer took the time to chat a bit with his invisible audience. She has raised a mini-veil on the mysteries of creation and spoke of his brother tragically disappeared, and then proposed a composition of his own, entitled” who are you talking about ?

A moving text that seemed to collect with the general approval: “Great first Song WOW !!! It will be unforgettable !!!!” commented Manon T., among other reactions satisfied Users.

In a short pre-recorded video, the singer Frédérick Baron presented two songs that he had offered to Geneviève Leclerc: My essential , and The habit of you, as it was then interpreted. An intervention to work and to soak it, but… why not? It was friendly and unpretentious.

We then had a version very smiley of My mouth. This “raise the roof” push by Johnny was transformed into a caprice of juvenile fun: “I often feel like in the song,” she illustrated by referring to the “sense of frustration […] of the child who makes the bacon” to such a point that he is “tired of being tired”.

We appreciated the subtleties of the vocal made to Wicked game, even if the song had quite lost the accent of “cowboy macadam” that give the vox original (Chris Isaak).

Au moment du traditionnel rappel, Geneviève Leclerc a laissé son public choisir entre emJe suis malade/em de Serge Lama et un emmedley/em de Céline Dion.

The time for the traditional reminder, Genevieve Leclerc has left his audience to choose between I’m sick of Serge Lama and a medley of Celine Dion.

Simon Séguin-Bertrand, The Right

Not a lot less explosive than with its original interpreter, the History of love by Ginette Reno has also managed to pull a few tears in Genevieve Leclerc. The Gatineau “never been afraid of it [] show vulnerable” in front of a microphone. It was agreed Sunday, es emotions to flower of skin, in this studio where she was at once so far away and so close to its listeners…

At the time of saying bye-bye, Geneviève Leclerc has left his audience choose which part he preferred to hear as a reminder. He had the choice between “I’m sick” by Serge Lama (with which she had wowed viewers of The Voice), and a medley of Celine Dion.

We have not accurately counted the number of responses suggesting to him sing the two, but they probably constituted one-third of the votes, on an equal footing with the other two augres. The singer bowed gracefully to this third option, lasting from a few minutes the pleasure of this virtual rendezvous.

An appointment is frankly successful. First, from the point of view of the technological challenges identified, but also and especially in terms of emotion and voice chills shared despite the distance and the intangible.

Shared screens

By the way, the Gatineau seems to have made some new followers. People who might not have went to see on stage, but who have nevertheless enjoyed the spectacle from the comfort (and for free) from home: “I have to discover my family. You have conquered the[ur] heart”, thus wrote Monique B. at the end of the emissions.

A ticket sold = one screen… but how many listeners, ultimately? raised the singer, his hat of producer on the head, just before the show.

The screen-sharing represents a loss of potential income, but, from the strict point of view of the business strategy, risk is an integral part of the “bet” numerical it began, said she.

Other performances virtual to come

Because adventure virtual is far from over. “May” inaugurates a series of shows virtual the singer intends to propose in the future. Genevieve Leclerc will unveil on June 16, the date of the second concert via the Internet. And then she came too, this time as coproductrice and artistic director, behind a virtual performance as Annie Blanchard will give the 29 June.

“We’re not trying to replace shows in the hall,” warned the singer just before starting his broadcast live: “It is a bid different, which opens the borders. And who maybe can reach more people in the region”, in these small towns, who rarely spend more than a dozen artists per year, “and only celebrities, but where the succession [artists like me ] don’t often get the chance to go”.

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* In regard to the signal sent, Geneviève Leclerc and his team are forced to the highest quality standards of high-definition video. “We stream in 1080 [p]; it is far above the quality of the videos you find on YouTube, the definition of which is usually in 720p, she compared in the interview.

Geneviève Leclerc dévoilera le 16 juin la date d’un deuxième concert via  Internet.

Genevieve Leclerc will unveil on June 16, the date of the second concert via the Internet.

Photo taken from Facebook

Le Soleil

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