Measures déconfinement in NURSING homes

Mesures de déconfinement dans les CHSLD

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It is now possible, in facilities where there is no outbreak of COVID-19, to leave without supervision of the CHSLD.

The ministry of Health and social Services announced that measures déconfinement are permitted from Thursday in the accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD) in Quebec.

It is now possible, in facilities where there is no outbreak of COVID-19, to leave without supervision of the NURSING homes, make a living off of the installation of more than 24 hours, to receive visits and to meet people outside.

It is also permitted to participate in group activities, indoor and outdoor, under certain conditions, measures of prevention and control of infections.

From next Friday, the 26th of June, it will also be possible to use volunteers and for service users and their families, to call upon external services, for example hair-dressing or accompaniment.

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For CHSLD where there was an outbreak, the department notes that the activities, meals and isolation in the chamber shall be maintained, except for non-infected persons. The units that are not hatching can allow their residents to take their meals in the dining room, in advocating the distancing of physical as well as the concept of bubble social.

As to committees of users and residents, they can start to gather now, but it is advisable to encourage virtual meetings when possible.

Guidance on private residences for seniors and intermediate resources will be provided by the ministry shortly.

The majority of the approximately 5000 deaths caused by the COVID-19 in Quebec occurred in residences for the elderly, including a large number in NURSING homes.

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