Megan Fox became famous as a strict mother

Меган Фокс прославилась как строгая мама

Some star parents do not give children to play computer games, others are trying to protect them from Disney, and Megan Fox denies sons to sit on the Internet.

About the strict upbringing of children and her travels the star said in a new interview with Us Weekly, reports

Megan Fox became famous as a strict mother, who with all the emphasis on the education of 6-year-old Noah, a 4-year-old Bodhi and a 2-year Journey. The actress does not give the sons to use the Internet and she rarely takes out his smartphone to check a social network. “I’m not one of those celebrities who gets 10 thousand letters a day, and don’t like to spend a lot of time in the network. If I use the Internet, only when I want to buy something you need. The last thing I want is setting a bad example, his face buried in the monitor screen. I want to create a trusting relationship with your sons, it would last throughout life,” shared Fox.

The actress also does not want the children watched the films with her participation: “They think that in the movie, all real. So I don’t give to watch their films, because they may be afraid of moments where I was kidnapped by a ninja or trying to kill a robot.”

The star said that traveling on their own because to bring children is too difficult. “Anyone who has flown with kids knows how hard it is. And Noah has to go to school, so I just can’t take it with you”. Fortunately, the children remain in reliable hands of her husband Brian Austin green, so Megan could easily go to other countries to show “Mysteries and myths”.