Meghan Markle crazy in love with the prince Harry, she reveals the secret of her wedding dress, which pays homage to their first appointment

Meghan Markle folle amoureuse du prince Harry, elle dévoile le secret de sa robe de mariée qui rendait hommage à leur premier rendez-vous

Then that Meghan Markle was married to prince Harry for six months, she has revealed a secret very astonishing on her wedding dress !

Can they be more adorable yet ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if there is one thing that is certain, it is that the most glamorous couple on the planet has captured the hearts of all their admirers around the world. Accomplices and crazy in love to one another, they cease not to prove to us how their feelings are powerful and sincere. While the entourage of Meghan Markle would be persuaded that she is already pregnant with prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has revealed a secret just adorable on her wedding dress during her stint in the documentary Queen of The World , dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II and soon to be broadcast on HBO.

We find the pretty brunette who rediscovers her dress a few months after his marriage, as you can see HERE. And it is not without emotion as it reveals : “Around here somewhere, there is a piece of blue fabric hidden. It was my something blue for the ceremony. It is a piece of fabric of the dress that I wore during our first appointment.” A nice souvenir that proves how the former star of Suits is in love with the prince Harry. She continues by revealing how much she was pleased that her veil is the reflection of the regions of the Commonwealth : “I was ecstatic to know that I was going to opt for that for our special day.” In the meantime, know that a famous singer brought his support to Meghan Markle.