Meghan Markle soon to be mom, her baby should be born sooner than expected, according to the seer of Lady Diana

According to the predictions of the old seer Lady Diana, Meghan Markle is expected to give birth much earlier than we think.

To believe the rumours at Kensington Palace, Meghan Markle would consider to break a major royal tradition for his birth. In fact, the duchess of Sussex would like to place her child in the world at home. An important decision that would put an end to the famous photos of young parents with their new-born baby taken in front of the wing Lindo’s St Mary’s Hospital in London. Anyway, this birth is awaited with impatience by fans of the royal family. Speculation around the sex of the baby will also well underway on social networks. Girl or boy ? It will take some patience to discover it. As to the date of arrival of the little bundle of joy, it may well not be the one that you think.

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The latest news, Meghan Markle is expected to give birth around the 20th of April. An estimate to which Debbie Frank, the ex-seer of Lady Diana, do not believe. Interviewed by the magazine Tatler, she explains : “I feel that this baby will be born sooner than expected. I’m skilled enough to connect me to the birth the royal and with Meghan and Harry, I think that they will welcome their first child much sooner than the end of the month of April.” As a reminder, the astrologer at the time had guessed that prince George would be born under the sign of Cancer and this, even before his birth. Will she just be this time ? Case to follow. In the rest of the news, know that Meghan Markle has met Michelle Obama in secret and knows all the details of their discussion.