Melanie Da Cruz, separated from Anthony Martial ? It sows doubt with this photo

Melanie Da Cruz has once again sown the seed of doubt about his relationship status and it explains why in this article.

Since the bad buzz that there was around Anthony Martial, Melanie Da Cruz (who showed off her body post-pregnancy on Instagram) has never clearly taken the word to say if she was still in a relationship with the young footballer, or if she was single… But the photo she recently posted on her account Snapchat sows, once again, the doubt about his relationship status ! On this snap, we see Melanie Da Cruz in a bathing suit with his son and one can see the tattoo she made for Anthony Martial last year… A photo that we invite you to discover below.

M?lanie Da Cruz s?par?e d'Anthony Martial ? Elle s?me le doute avec cette photo

Besides that, we noticed that Melanie Da Cruz had not deleted the pictures of Antony Martial on his account Instagram. And if it does follows more on the social network, it is simply because he has deleted his account ! This may be a way to make it clear that it is still in a relationship with him… In any case, as long as it has not spoken on the subject, we can not be sure 100% that they are always together ! And if not in the rest of the news, Julien Tanti has made a declaration of love to Manon Marsault and he is lynched by the users !