Melanie Da Cruz, separated from Anthony Martial ? They post a new photo unexpected

This new photo casts doubt on the relationship status of Melanie Da Cruz…

While Sarah Fraisou appears with her mom on social networks for the first time and shows a resemblance to mad with it, Melanie Da Cruz is very sexy on the social networks and raised the temperature on his account Instagram ! The young woman who deserted our small screens for a while is currently in the islet of Gosier, where she enjoys a holiday in the sun. Melanie continues to be pictures of dreams and very sexy and shows of the back, in a bathing suit… And a detail has alerted the users about his relationship status ! The drafting of melty tells you more below.

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Never not posing… Leave me in paradise ????

A publication shared by Melanie Da Cruz Pires (@melaniedacruzzoff) on 10 Jan. 2019 at 3 :03 am PST

Showing of back, Melanie Da Cruz has attracted the eye of users on his dream curves… But also and especially on his hand, and the removal of her ring ! Then, Melanie has she decided to remove his alliance to go to the beach, or is it really separate from Anthony Martial ? The rumours have been circulating for some time about his break-up with the footballer, and this photo could be a clue about his relationship status with the father Swan… waiting to know more about it, here you’ll discover the amazing weight loss of Julien Tanti that is of concern to the users on this photo.