Melanie Dédigama (The Villa of Broken Hearts 4) ultra sexy lingerie, she reacted to the canvas (PHOTO)

Internet users have responded to the last photo in Instagram of Melanie Dédigama and we will explain why a little further down in this article…

While internet users have recently been down the last look of Laura Lempika Marseille vs. the rest of the World season 3, they have also been very active on the last post Instagram of Melanie Dédigama. In this photo, the young woman is shown in lingerie in front of the sea and the least we can say is that she is very sexy ! What do the people who have been more than 37 000 to like this shot, and necessarily, they have also been very many to give their opinion… also just below, we’ll let you discover what they thought of the installation of Melanie Dédigama.

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A publication shared by Mel Dedigama (@meldedigama) by 16 March 2019 at 3 :02 PDT

“Wow beautiful photo (…) Just gorgeous (…) So there ! I was close to a heart attack ! A real mermaid….! (…) You are too canon ❤ (…) Canon phew !!! (…) You are always so sublime Melanie”, a-t-we could read among the many comments ! Despite the positive feedback that we have read, some users have found this photo almost vulgar ! One then wonders if Melanie Dédigama will respond to these critical… And if not, know that Jazz from The Villa, the battle of the couples made a very beautiful declaration of love to his little family.