Mélanight (10 couples perfect 2) at war with Illan, he the tackle and balance of big files (VIDEO)

Between Illan and Mélanight, it is the open warfare since the end of 10 couples perfect 2 !

While they were game in 10 couples perfect 2, the agreement is not good between Melanie and Illan. During a recent interview to blogger Sam Zirah, Mélanight had not hesitated to tackle the candidate, by accusing him to be “ready to sell his mother for a buzz”. A sentence that the principal person concerned has obviously not appreciated. On Snapchat, Illan, who taclait recently Célia after 10 couples perfect 2 is addressed directly to the candidate, in a swing : “In fact, in the interview, everything was spent, except when you say that I am ready to sell my mother to the buzz. In this case there, it is not my mother that I’m going to sell, it is you.”

Mélanight (10 couples parfaits 2) en guerre avec Illan, il la tacle et balance de gros dossiers (VIDÉO)

Well decided to take revenge following the remarks of the candidate, Illan balance, and the least we can say is that it goes very far ! In fact, the latter was posted on Snapchat with the song “Tu es ma came” by Carla Bruni, accompanied by the very explicit hashtags #Reinedesneiges and #20cmdeneige. Just as Vanessa Lawrens, that Illan of 10 couples perfect 2 accused previously of using drugs a few hours ago, the candidate insinuates, therefore, that Melanie regularly consumes cocaine… But that’s not all ! In fact, Illan goes even further, and balance : “I’ve seen it make a blowjob to a guy in front of my eyes, there were four people around, so when you talk about prostitution on tv, you should think before you throw phrases like that”. About about which the young woman should be able to quickly answer !