M?lanight (10 couples perfect 2) the casting of a great series of american tv (PHOTO)

Melanie aka M?lanight will end up in the casting of a great american series and it tells you more below.

After having tried to survive in Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers 3 and after having tried to find love in 10 Couples Perfect 2, M?lanie aspires to other projects… It turns out that the young woman visited the shooting of a big american series to film some scenes. And this series is known to all, since it is a Dynasty ! Currently in Paris to film an episode of season 2, the actors of the series have appealed to a few extras so is a part M?lanight, the former girlfriend of Milla Jasmine who has pushed a rant amazing on Snapchat !

M?lanight (10 couples parfaits 2) au casting d'une grande s?rie t?l? am?ricaine (PHOTO)

This episode should be quickly disseminated in the united States on the string CW before it can be available, here in France, on Netflix. And the writing of at melty, we are more than eager to discover the first steps of an actress of M?lanight in a television series… But prior to the broadcast of this episode on our screens, please note that a new pair could well be the cast of the fourth season of Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers and the two candidates are as a couple ! By discovering the identity of this pair, you will be quite surprised dear meltynautes…