Men in Black International : a New villain, the chemistry between them… Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to reveal more about the film

The two actors say about their chemistry on the screen and on the future villain of the film.

The chaos managed by the agents Em-and H-in Men in Black International could well be due to a threat that is intrinsic to the organization… In effect, actors Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, as well as the team of the film, have responded to the many questions asked in the interview by EW. And they have done a lot of confidences ! The producer Walter F. Parkes has revealed in particular that the enemy faced by H and Em will come from the MIB itself“I think the biggest difference [in this story] is that this time the enemy is in it. The MIB has been compromised from the inside, which leads them to cross several places around the globe to discover the true nature of the threat.” Chris Hemsworth adds that it is “a kind of reinvention, an opening of the franchise original , which is very different aesthetically.” Something to the regulars like to those who are new to the saga ?

Men in Black International : Nouveau m?chant, alchimie entre eux... Chris Hemsworth et Tessa Thompson en r?v?lent plus sur le film

As to the choice of the duo of comedians Thompson-Hemsworth in the role-titles, it has not failed to surprise-pleasantly – Tessa Thompson : “I didn’t think we would return sets so quickly [after Thor Ragnarok]. I thought we’d both capes. So I was like “We’ll be in costumes ? ” […]But it is such a joy to work with him. And it’s great to know that people like to see us sets“. It is the producer, Parkes, who had the idea to gather again in front of the camera : “[…]So we knew that we had need of interpreters with personalities expressive and a relationship that is innate, and we have had the chance to see the first fruits in Thor” has he told about the couple of actors. The two stars of Thor Ragnarok in the casting of MIB International are definitely good parts to make the road together !