MEPs call on the British to withdraw from Brexit

Депутаты Европарламента призывают британцев отказаться от Brexit

Депутаты Европарламента призывают британцев отказаться от Brexit

Before the vote of the British Parliament for secession from the EU more than 100 members of the European Parliament have sent an open letter to the citizens of the United Kingdom to desist from Brexit. In case of cancellation Brexit European MPs promise to “work together to reform and improve the EU.”

“In the interests of future generations, we ask you to rethink the exit from the EU”, — the statement says, reports Deutsche Welle.

We will remind, on November 14 the text of the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was finally agreed upon by the parties. Now it must approve the government of the United Kingdom. However, on 15 November because of disagreement with the project Brexit resigned from three Ministers: the Secretary of state for the British Ministry of Affairs of Northern Ireland Shiloh Vara, Minister of Britain on issues of Brexit Dominic Raab and the Minister for work and pensions Esther McVey. In their opinion, the contract is not consistent with the results of the referendum in 2016 and not able to provide a “correct result” for the country’s future. A British member of Parliament Anne Marie Morris called for a censure vote Theresa may in connection with a project developed by Brexit.

According to the survey of the TV channel Sky News, 54% of respondents support the holding of a second referendum on the UK exit from the EU.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the conservatives are preparing a new referendum on Brexit behind may because the law Britain has the right to stop Brexit without the consent of the EU. British Prime Minister Theresa may announced two variants of development of events in case of failure of a vote for Brexit. Furthermore, the European court officially allowed Britain to cancel Brexit. In turn, the EU refused to conduct re-negotiations on Brexit, noting that all questions have been fully approved.