MHD and Maître Gims are falling, The Weasel makes an entrance shy, Eminem behind… The top albums of the week

MHD et Maître Gims chutent, La Fouine fait une entrée timide, Eminem à la traîne... Le top albums de le semaine

Check out the ranking of top-selling albums in France this week.

While it was learned that Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar would soon be without a house of discs, one is like every week to make the point on the ranking of the best sales of albums in France. At the summit, the group of Three coffee gourmet throne, always with the opus An air of nothing. Behind, the collective 93 Empire does not move to the second step with their self-titled album, while in the third place, Pascal Obispo made a grand entrance with his new project entitled Obispo. Mylène Farmer keeps the fourth position with Disobedience while the singer Angèle passes from the third to the fifth place with Brol. Dadju is in the red, losing a spot and finishing sixth with a Gentleman 2.0.

Lady Gaga, who is number one on the Billboard 200 and broke a huge record, is still seventh with the album soundtrack A Star Is Born. Lowest, Kendji Girac moving up from tenth to 11th place with Amigo, Jérémy Frérot makes a beautiful entry to the 12th position with Matrioshka and RK comes down from the 11th to the 13th march with Insolent. Maître Gims fall of a place and comes in 16th with a Black Belt, as MHD, which descends from the 16th to the 17th place with 19. Damso is 21st with “Lithopédion” against 19th in the previous week, and the rapper La Fouine is having a shy at the 29th position with “Dark”. It ends with Eminem, which passes from the 30th to the 32nd place with Kamikaze.