MHD be back soon with Bodyguard, he invented a new language in the next song (VIDEO)

MHD bientôt de retour avec Bodyguard, il invente une nouvelle langue dans son prochain morceau (VIDEO)

While we are still waiting for news of his next album, the MHD comes as a teaser to a song which is quite strange.

The older amongst you may remember from “Dragostea din tei” of O-Zone, “The Ketchup Song” by Las Ketchup or “Stash, stash” of Bratisla Boys. The common point of these three songs ? The words are written… in a language that does not exist. MHD, which has just announced a new international tour, will he do the same thing ? It is in any case what might happen to believe one of his last Snaps.

As you can hear above, MHD sings in a language… that does not exist. “The piece is myself, and I’s fun for me to do anything, it is not a language, it is not my language, it is not the French, it is a trick that I just invented like that, despee.” Will he really pull out the piece ? Benjamin Mendy, team-mate Raphael Varane (who we recently spoke to Mohamed Salah), has already said that he was hot for enjailler the locker room of the team of France with his…

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