MHD : Dadju, OrelSan, WizKid… The rapper multiplies the collaborations on her new album 19

MHD : Dadju, OrelSan, WizKid... Le rappeur multiplie les collaborations sur son nouvel album 19

MHD has just unveiled his second studio album entitled 19, which has prestigious collaborations.

MHD-t-he announced the end of his musical career ? On social networks, the 24-year-old has expressed his ill-being and would like to just stop after the promotion of his new album and the end of his tour. So for the moment, he doesn’t say more, ensuring that it was not a publicity stunt, his new project, 19 (the district of Paris where it is native) comes to see the light of day in this September 19, 2018. A winning return for the artist, who, for the occasion, unveils 19 songs, some of which are shared with prestigious rappers.

Dadju is the brother of Master Gims, which is way out in the top of the charts, has agreed to sing on his “Baby”. A few weeks ago, “Bella” feat WizKid was revealed by MHD, while OrelSan also pushes the song on the title “The time”. The singer nigerian Yemi Alade and Koys, parisian artist, are also at the rendez-vous. As on the previous album, MHD navigates between urban pop, rap and, of course, african sounds. Finally, while 19 is already available on all platforms, the clip is all in black and white of his “XIX” has just been put online on YouTube. Very good news, while at melty, we replayed the greatest hits of MHD, that might want to put an end to his career.