MHD stops his career ? The fight of Booba and Kaaris parodied and Maroon 5 for the Superbowl 2019… The little music of the week

MHD stoppe sa carrière ? La bagarre de Booba et Kaaris parodiée et Maroon 5 pour le Superbowl 2019... Le récap musique de la semaine

Find all the latest news about music that you should not miss this week.

Like every week, we update on the latest music news that have marked these last few days. After the success of Lithopédion, it was learned that the rapper belgian Damso was already back in the studio, while a Soprano will join the jury of The Voice 8 to the sides of Jenifer, Julien Clerc and Mika. The marseille has also broke a record on YouTube with his latest video “A life to love”, in excess of 2 million views. Coup de theatre in the middle of the rap, since MHD might have announced the end of his musical career, while her album 19 has just seen the light of day September 19, 2018.

While they are rather wise at this time, the brawl of Booba and Kaaris has been parodied by the comedians Kev Adams and Jamel Debbouze, enough to make the buzz on the web. The interpreter of “Tchoin” was made about him also distributing a huge wad of money to people in need in the street, while taking care of filming his action on Instagram. On his side, Ariana Grande has decided to stop his career for the time after the death of his ex Mac Miller : “given the events of the last two years, Ariana is going to take some time to heal and repair itself” , said his team People.

Eminem has made a winning return with his opus Kamikaze, which has produced the fourth-best start to the year and has to be certified gold in the United States, in excess of 500 000 copies sold. His buddy Ed Sheeran has announced a new european tour that will begin in may 2019 , and which will go to Lyon on may 24, and in Bordeaux on the 29. Finally, it was learned that the group Maroon 5 has been chosen to sing at the halftime of the Superbowl on February 3, 2019, and for the occasion, Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar could also go on stage during the event. That’s all for this time, see you next week for even more news crispy !