Microsoft and Mastercard are creating a global system of identification

Microsoft и Mastercard создают глобальную систему идентификации личности

The Microsoft Corporation and financial services company Mastercard will develop a system of global identification. The aim of innovations is to simplify the authorization of Bank operations, documents and tax payments. In addition, with the introduction of the new system will be impossible to “lose personality” to the loss of documents.

Vice President of Mastercard, Ajay Bhalla believes that a unified identification system will speed up the provision of financial services, will facilitate interaction with e-government, better personalitywe online purchases and will improve the work with the authorization system on the Internet, reports As reported, the global system will not allow to lose the individual in case of loss of supporting documents. As an example, contains a large number of refugees around the world, which with the loss of documents “lost” and his person.

However, there are risks associated with safety, because the system will track each activity from receiving of documents to Internet shopping. Mastercard insists that the information that will pass through the system, “in no case will be collected, analyzed or passed on to third parties”.

Earlier it became known that Mastercard introduces payment by fingerprint. A Telegram presented the new Passport service, which will allow you to store documents and personal user data as well as to log in to the services (if necessary identity). Recall, Microsoft also will create an augmented reality system for the U.S. special forces.