Miley Cyrus at war with Ariana Grande ? They confront each other in song

Miley Cyrus en guerre avec Ariana Grande ? Elles s'affrontent en chanson

War is declared between Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande ? The two singers released a new title at the same time, enough to create some tension.

Miley Cyrus is back with “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” and is already preparing a new album for 2019. After long months of absence, the singer has decided to collaborate with producer Mark Ronson story to strike a great blow. During this time, his girlfriend Ariana Grande is the buzz on the canvas with the clip “Thank U, Next”, which contains the codes of the film Lolita in spite of myself. If they were able both to impose in the charts, they come once again to compete in this December 14, 2018 with the unveiling of each new piece. What happens between them ? Is war declared ?

On Twitter, Ariana Grande has been promoting her new single entitled “Imagine”. For its part, Miley Cyrus has unveiled the “War Is Over (Happy Xmas)” with Mark Ronson, tries also to speak of its title. But while one might think that the two superstars will draw in the legs, it is nothing, since Ariana and Miley have teamed up to talk together and not badbuzz Kanye West and Drake : “I know that there are adult men who compete online at this time, but Miley and me, we go out on our beautiful new songs this evening. So if you could take just a few hours for the girls to shine, this would be super awesome. Thank you,” wrote the translator of “One Last Time”. Between the two stars, the current passes equally well, and nothing can come in and taint their beautiful relationship that lasts for years. During this time, it was learned that Pete Davidson is already recasé after his relationship with Ariana Grande.