Montaine (Angels 11) transformed physically, it no longer looks like that at all (VIDEO)

Montaine has changed physically and we invite you to discover its transformation in this article…

Bryan Holiday Angels 3 is completely transformed and is unrecognizable on a new photo posted on Instagram ! And this is not the only one to have decided to change the haircut, since Montaine is also passed to the hairdresser… The candidate chez NRJ12 has decided to remove its extensions to make a nice square ! And this is not all dear readers of melty… Montaine has also decided to dye his hair in a very light blonde, and naturally, her new haircut is similar to that of Emy ! Just above, we suggest you find elsewhere to discover the new physics of Montaine.

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A publication shared by Montaine Mounet (@montaineem) on 4 Feb. 2019 at 12 :17 pm PST

At the time of writing at melty, we find that this new haircut suits him very well and we are confident that He will also love it… She and Montaine are very friends and we are sure it will not have the same hair color ! Remains to be seen how users will react by discovering the transformation capillary of the young woman… So before we can discover it, you should know that in episode 10 Angels 11, He has discovered the rapprochement between Raphael Pepin and Tiffany during their stay in the Everglades and Liyah has recorded a song…