Montreal defers the payment of taxes in September

Montréal reporte le paiement des taxes à septembre

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This decision deprives the City of an amount of $ 2 billion in cash.

Montréal grants a reprieve to taxpayers by deferring the payment of the second payment of property taxes-September 1.

The administration of Valérie Plante made the announcement Wednesday morning on the occasion of the weekly meeting of the executive committee. “It really returned each stone to ensure that we can make this additional effort,” said the chairman of the executive committee, Benoit Dorais.

This decision deprives the City of an amount of $ 2 billion in cash. Benoit Dorais has, however, clarified that the borrowing rate low to allow the City to benefit from a certain margin of manoeuvre.

“This is good news for homeowners, but it is a good news for small traders. As we know, the people at this time have more costs to accommodate the people in their shops, ” added the elected.

Last march, the City announced an initial deferral of taxes on the 2 July. In a report on the recovery of Montreal unveiled Tuesday, a committee of experts, chaired by Luc Godbout, holder of the Chair in taxation and public finance from the University of Sherbrooke, recommended to provide relief additional to the taxpayers.

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