Montreal officially recognizes the systemic racism in response to a report

Montréal reconnaît officiellement le racisme systémique en réponse à un rapport

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Valérie Plante has said that it will introduce a motion reaffirming the commitment of the city to act and put in place the necessary measures to combat the discrimination and systemic racism.

The mayor Valérie Plant hosts with “very open” to the report of the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) on the racism and discrimination systemic. As recommended by the Board, a Commissioner for the fight against racism and discrimination will be developed by fall, she announced.

As of Monday afternoon, the mayor will submit a statement to the city council to recognize the systemic nature of racism and discrimination in the society and the City of Montreal, with a commitment to act to combat this phenomenon. “The time of the analyses and studies has passed and it is now time to formally acknowledge the problem and put in place the necessary measures to combat it “, she said.

In addition to the creation of a post of commissioner, the City also intends to address the under-representation of the diversity of montreal in the workforce. At the present time, representatives of minorities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds represent 21.7% of the workforce of the City, ” but there is still a way to go, especially in management positions “.

The report of the OCPM published Monday concludes that a failure of the City of Montreal for the fight against racism and discrimination and makes 38 recommendations to address them. The first recommendation urges the City to publicly acknowledge the existence of this phenomenon. According to Valerie Plant, the SPVM is also expected to make a similar declaration.

The mayor has also mentioned its intention to work with senior governments to progressively deploy the portable cameras for police officers of the police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM).

Other details will follow.

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