Montreal will reach the “peak” of contamination within three days

Montréal atteindra le «pic» de contamination d’ici trois jours

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press

On Wednesday, the island of Montréal had 4775 cases of infection with the coronavirus and 74 deaths.

Montreal is expected to reach the peak of the epidemic curve of the sars coronavirus within the next three days, earlier than elsewhere in Quebec, believes the regional director of the Montreal public health, Dr. Mylène Drouin.

“The government has announced the peak, or the peak of the epidemic curve, for the next week. But as I say in the joke, the spring always arrives more quickly in Montreal. We consider that the top of the epidemic curve is going to happen in the next few days “, explains Dr. Drouin during a press conference in the company of the mayor, Valerie Plant, Wednesday afternoon.

“So, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we will be at the top in the number of cases. It means that the number of infected persons in the community is probably at its highest level. “

At the present time, the island of Montreal account 4775 cases of infection with the coronavirus and 74 deaths have been counted.

The mayor Plant has for its part announced that to facilitate the observance of safety distance for pedestrians, the sidewalk of the avenue du Mont-Royal, between the rue Fullum and Park avenue, will be widened to 4.5 metres in the coming days.

This “corridor of health” will be spread over 2.7 kilometers, but will be reserved for travel essential, she warned : “This is not an invitation to go shopping or for a walk on the avenue du Mont-Royal. This is not the purpose of the thing. It is to facilitate the travel essential for the citizens of the district.”

The Service de police de Montréal (SPVM) had also noted that last week, many citizens from outside of Montreal and have attended the Old Montreal and the Old Port. The police will now be more present to entries on the two sites, said the mayor Plant.

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