More and more young people die from coronavirus

Все больше молодых людей умирают от коронавируса

After infection with coronavirus in the UK died on 21-year-old woman without any accompanying diseases.

Earlier has died 18-the summer young man, the doctors say that he was seriously ill. On 25 March he became the first victim of coronavirus in the United States.

Chloe Middleton from high Wycombe (Velikobritaniya) died of coronavirus. In his post on Facebook, her aunt Emily Mistry said she “died from Covid-19” and encouraged others to “contribute” to stop the spread of the disease.

According to the majority of patients who have died from the coronavirus, had pre-existing conditions.
There are concerns that young people are ignoring warnings about its dissemination, believing that the infection is dangerous only for the elderly.

But in a series of posts on Facebook family Middleton urged the public to heed the advice of security and perceive the virus “seriously”.

“Please, think again. From personal experience, the coronavirus has claimed the life of my 21 year old daughter. She had no health problems. The reality of this virus is only unfolding before our eyes. Make your contribution. Protect yourself and protect others. The virus is spreading, people are spreading the virus” – quoted the girl’s mother of the air force.

18-year-old man died in hospital at the weekend after receiving a positive result for coronavirus. He had been in therapy from “serious health problems”, according to doctors.

In the US, March 25, died a teenager from Los Angeles (USA), the exact age and other personal details of the press was not reported, but stated that the disease had not been.


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