More companion during the deliveries at the jewish general Hospital

Plus d’accompagnateur pendant les accouchements à l'Hôpital général juif

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The spouses are no longer allowed in the delivery room or care unit, post-partum, and for the entire duration of the pandemic.

Women who give birth will no longer be accompanied by a relative at the jewish general hospital of Montreal, has learned The Duty. The directive, which goes further than the ministry of Health, was transferred Friday to the care staff after the unfortunate episodes of patients recalcitrant to the safety instructions.

In the past few weeks, the hospital has slashed the number of visitors, in accordance with the instructions of the ministry of Health and social Services (MSSS). The visits are now prohibited in the establishments of the province, except for humanitarian reasons — in the context of birth or end-of-life.

Thus, a relative may accompany the woman during birth, and during the stay and postnatal, provided they do not pose a contamination risk to the COVID-19. The confinement to the house for all parents is also requested.

Like others, the jewish general Hospital has applied these recommendations. Now, the director has suddenly changed on Friday in the early afternoon.

The spouses are no longer allowed in the delivery room or care unit, post-partum, and for the entire duration of the pandemic. The director of professional services of the CIUSSS of Centre-Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal, Louise Miner, has informed the affected staff in an internal email in which The Duty has obtained a copy.

The announcement has pushed more than one. “I understand that we want to reduce the risk of exposure to the maximum, but patients need emotional support during delivery, worry about a doctor under the guise of anonymity. If there is nobody to accompany them, it may be more difficult for them to manage the pain. “

The medical staff is there to ensure the safety of patients, she adds, but it must not neglect the importance of the support of a loved one during this process which can be traumatic. “We, we don’t have a nurse who is with the patient at any time. You don’t have the manpower for it. “

The doctor is even feared that women prefer to deliver at home to not be separated from their partner. “There are already women who have confided in me think if it ever had to happen “, breath does it. Then to clarify : “I think this will be a minority of people, but there is a risk that it may occur, that is for sure. “

This decision could have severe consequences since the home deliveries have been suspended until further notice by the Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec. Women must be redirected to the birth centres or hospitals.

Patients recalcitrant

According to our information, the new directive of the jewish general Hospital divides the staff at the birthing centre. If there is concern for the well-being of patients, there is also a concern of the workers. Because women and their loved ones have made a mockery of the instructions while circulating in the corridors, or by refusing to wear a mask while they had symptoms of cold or flu.

Invited to provide explanations on the reasons for their decision, the directorate of professional services of the CIUSSS attached to the jewish general hospital had not returned our calls where the time when these lines were written.

Other details will follow.

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