More than 100 000 deaths in Brazil

Plus de 100 000 morts au Brésil 

Plus de 100 000 morts au Brésil 

Brazil became Saturday, the second country to exceed the 100 000 died of the coronavirus after the United States, according to the latest balance sheet of the ministry of Health.


August 8, 2020 21h49


More than 100 000 deaths in Brazil

Agence France-Presse

RIO DE JANEIRO — The balance sheet of the pandemic coronavirus has exceeded the Saturday 100, 000 deaths in Brazil, the country most hard hit after the United States, and 10, 000 deaths in South Africa.

The pandemic has claimed more than 720 000 deaths in the world infecting more than 19 million people since the office of the world health Organization (WHO) in China has reported the appearance of the disease at the end of December, according to a count conducted Saturday by AFP from official sources.

Brazil became Saturday, the second country to exceed the 100 000 died of the coronavirus after the United States, according to the latest balance sheet of the ministry of Health.

The largest country in Latin America, with a population of 212 million inhabitants, has also achieved another symbolic threshold, that of the 3 million people infected.

Failure of tests

The official figures (100 477 dead and 3 012 412 confirmed cases of contamination), however, must be relativized because of the lack of testing, the experts considered that the total number of infected people could be up to six times higher.

Brazil deplores 478 deaths per million inhabitants, a figure equivalent to that of the United States (487), but lower than that of Spain (609) or Italy (583).

On the african continent, it is South Africa which has by far the most horrendous cost. She has gone through Saturday the bar 10 000 deaths since the epidemic first emerged in march, has announced the south african department of Health.

South Africa has also registered a total of 553 188 cases of contamination, which is more than half of those found on the continent as a whole.

While the United States are in the process of crossing the bar and five million cases of COVID-19, with more than 160,000 dead, the White House and Congressional democrats were engaged in the last two weeks in talks to reach a new gigantic plan to support the economy. But these discussions have come to nothing.


Plus de 100 000 morts au Brésil 

The mask is mandatory in the outdoor locations in high traffic in several French cities.


Lift contamination

In Europe, where the lift of the contaminations are detected, several countries recover measures of restriction.

As well the port of the mask outside will be mandatory as early as Monday in some areas very crowded in Paris. “All indicators show that the virus is circulating more actively in the region” of paris, has on Saturday warned the local authorities.

On the whole of France, 2288 people were diagnosed positive to the new coronavirus in 24 hours, according to an official report released Friday.

Since the end of the month of July, the port of the mask — already almost generalized in enclosed public places — gradually gaining the open air, across the planet, to attempt to stop a rebound of the epidemic.

As of the 25th of July, the Belgium — one of the countries that have the largest number of dead from the COVID-19 relative to its population — has established in “any place with high attendance” : markets, flea markets, shopping streets. The region of Madrid and Romania took similar action a few days later.

The Europeans who are currently living in an episode heatwave ran Saturday on the beaches, where the contempt of gestures barriers, worries the authorities.

In the United Kingdom, a part of the population has taken the direction of the edges of the sea.

Crowds of Germans in search of freshness are also made on the coasts. But the local authorities have warned that some beaches in the north of Germany as well as several lakes should be closed because it is impossible to respect a safety distance of a meter and a half between the people.

Other european countries have reintroduced the containment measures, such as Ireland, where the inhabitants of three counties, is approximately 368,000 people, have been reconfinés Friday at midnight.

Death on two

These past seven days, almost one death out of two in the world (44 %) occurred in Latin America, which has become the region with the highest overshadowed by the coronavirus with over 216, 000 deaths.

This region is also the one that has the largest number of cases of contamination, mainly in Brazil, while in Chile the milestone of 10,000 deaths has been crossed for Saturday.

In India, where two million cases have been exceeded on Friday, tens of thousands of workers in the health sector, officially considered volunteers by the government, went on strike to ask for better wages and more protection.

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