More than half of Ukrainians consider themselves happy

Больше половины украинцев считают себя счастливыми

What makes people happy?

Ukrainians consider themselves happy. In any case, 54% of respondents of a recent survey

It is noteworthy that among the things that makes people happy work is in the last place, reports

“Are you happy?”, was the question we asked its users. Of the responding 3 705 2 026 respondents answered “Yes”. Almost 46%, unfortunately, I do not consider myself happy.

But what makes the Ukrainians happy? Family? Money? Can, work? It turned out that 41% of respondents feeling of happiness gives family. And it can not but rejoice. 19,4% feel happy because of personal achievements. 17,4% for happiness we need money. Stay and chat with the people who chose, respectively, 11.4% and 7,5%. At last — work is only 3.3%.

It turned out that the job doesn’t make Ukrainians happy because of low wages. This was stated by 60% respondents. 12% do not like the tasks they perform, almost 8% were unhappy with the authorities. 6% complain about the long way to and from work. And 3.4% do not fit the team.

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