Moscow starts the déconfinement despite always many

Moscou commence le déconfinement malgré des cas toujours nombreux

Moscou commence le déconfinement malgré des cas toujours nombreux

An employee of the City of Moscow cleans the sidewalk at the same time as the honor guard stands in front of the tomb of the unknown Soldier at the Kremlin on Sunday.


May 31, 2020

Updated June 1, 2020 at 0h12


Moscow starts the déconfinement despite always many

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MOSCOW — The Russian capital began on Monday a new stage of its déconfinement, allowing businesses non-food items to reopen and locals to wander around in spite of a number of new cases daily started up again last week.

After more than two months of closure, many shops will reopen and the parks of the capital will again be accessible to Muscovites, however, forced to wear a mask in public space. Cafes, restaurants or movie theaters, however, remain closed and rallies are still banned until further notice.

Since the end of march, containment is strict has been imposed on the Russian capital, the epicenter of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. Muscovites can not get out to go do their shopping, go out with their dogs and their garbage. A system of electronic pass was introduced in mid-April to enforce these measures.

With again more than 9000 contaminations recorded Sunday, over a day, Russia has exceeded the threshold of 400, 000 cases of sick of the COVID-19, but the mortality rate remains low with up to now, 4693 deaths.

Moscow accounts for almost half of the contamination, with 180 791 case and 2477 dead. The number of new cases discovered is even on the rise again since Thursday and is set for Sunday 2595.

The mayor of the Russian capital Sergueï Sobianine announced Wednesday that the city would start again from the 1st June to start afresh, in particular allowing for the reopening of shops non-food.

On the verge of bankruptcy

A measure is very much expected by them, to finance vanishing after almost two months of closure, and this in spite of the government measures of tax deferral or interest-free loans.

According to a study published by the strategic research Center in April, nearly a third of the Russian companies face bankruptcy due to the falling demand caused by the epidemic. The companies of trade and services are the most affected, the study says.

The Muscovites are allowed again to wander on, but according to a protocol very complicated, which has prompted ridicule and criticism in Russia, the political commentator Alexander Golts, calling them “pure madness”.

For the next two weeks, the buildings of the capital city have each been given slots during which their inhabitants will be allowed to get out of the house: three days per week, from 9h to 21h.

Mr Sobianine explained wish to avoid that the streets of Moscow are too busy.

Another novelty: the over 65 years of age are allowed to leave their homes after more than two months in total containment.

The next step in the déconfinement of the Russian capital is not known, but the authorities have a date in the line of fire: the 24 June, the day of the military parade commemorating the soviet ‘ victory over the nazis. It should have taken place on may 9, but, in the heart of the epidemic, the Kremlin was resolved to postpone it.

Evoking the presence of foreign heads of State on this occasion, the spokesperson for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday during a television broadcast hope that the containment measures have been lifted by the parade.

“We will hope that to the parade, there will be almost nothing to this regime,” he said.

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