Motivaction Jeunesse: intensity 55 [VIDEO]

Motivaction Jeunesse: intensité 55 [VIDÉO]

Motivaction Jeunesse: intensité 55 [VIDÉO]

The managing director of Motivaction Jeunesse, Luke Richer, in the company of some of his proteges (Gaetan Gougard, Bastien Sanglard, Angeline Noor and Mohammed Noor) and the intervener Matilda Hanny.


May 29, 2020

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Motivaction Jeunesse: intensity 55 [VIDEO]

Motivaction Jeunesse: intensité 55 [VIDÉO]

Motivaction Jeunesse: intensité 55 [VIDÉO]

Normand Provencher

The Sun

At the head of Motivaction Jeunesse for the last twenty years, Luc Richer is a genuine battery on two legs. With him, the rabbit, the pub Energizer can go get dressed. Over the years, it has changed the lives of hundreds of teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have followed the end of his crazy expeditions sport and outdoor. True to himself, Richer has decided for its 55 years of launching the ” Iron Man “revisited” in order to raise funds for the organization. Meeting with a man of challenges who has done work with youth in the mission of a lifetime.

The educator was called Jocelyn. Luc Richer, then in the awkward age, around 16 years old, had known the Youth Centre in Joliette, where his escapades had led him. He had to drop out of school and “knocked about” not bad. With patience, this Jocelyn, an intervening angel, he has opened my eyes to its potential and a beautiful mess to come if he persisted in this way. At its exit of the establishment, the young Luc had changed all that.

“This educator believed in me. He saw my potential. He taught me running, in the courtyard of the centre. Not only it has helped me, but I was really inspired. From there, I knew that I was going to spend my life helping people. I arrived in Quebec at age 18, to join my father, and it is here that my new life has begun. I returned to school and I am connected to the sport at a 100 miles an hour.”

Sheltered from the hot may sun, under a gazebo near the football field at the Patro Rocamadour, the degree in psycho-education, in communications and in law tells this slice-of-life, without prevarication, to illustrate how the teenager “a little difficult” he was turned, forty years later, as an adult significant to young people who do not have easy and looking to turn.

Great sports before the lord, it is through the physical activity that it causes them to exceed, or even to outdo themselves, not to lower the arms at the first hurdle. For the past 20 years, he organized the Challenge of the hope with teenagers in school difficulties, and young immigrants who struggle to adapt to their adoptive country. Good year, bad year, he and the groups have cycled hundreds of kilometers, sometimes as far away as Pierced.

Luc Richer has also created the Challenge of Cap-Blanc. A test of the 400 steps that his flock are invited to set up a time, and another, until you have the quadriceps painful.

Long bike rides have helped a number of teenagers to go to the end of themselves and get out of their comfort zone. “I’ve had that capotaient and who have called their parents to come looking for them. It was not their service. We were there for their form character, to show them that in life, it is necessary to go to the end and not giving up at the first hurdle. It is sure that it is by toffe, but give up each time, it made the world soft.”

The Sun, Frédéric Matte

Rage de vivre and resilience

This failure to let go prematurely, Luc Richer the finds least among young immigrants, a lot more resilient. “There are those who come from far. They stayed in refugee camps, they are poqués. They are forged in poverty, but they have a great rage to live. They want to learn and make their place in the sun. It is very rewarding to work with them.”

One thing is certain, Luc Richer is not of this flour. “I, myself, am a fighter. Everyone knows that I am someone who is persistent. I have seen others. It takes a lot to put me down.” Evidence of this long scar on her calf, painful memories of an accident in return for a bike ride, then he wanted to open a glass door with his leg. The glass is broken and it is stuck. Wanting to extricate himself from his unfortunate position, a “piece of [his calf] was ripped off”. After be passed on the operating table, it has been left for a year of rehabilitation and physiotherapy “If I had been sedentary and I was sat with us, I would walk today with a cane.”

Ten hours of efforts

To celebrate the cape of the mid-fifties, Luc Richer has seen large with the establishment of the Challenge 55, an Iron Man “revisited,” which will run 55 km, cycle a similar distance, and to swim 5.5 km. Ten hours should be sufficient to accomplish this journey, the start of which will be given on Saturday, June 13, at 7pm, at place d’youville.

The test boating will be held in two time, to the lakes of Beauport and Delage. The day before, the day of his birthday, our rabbit hyperactive will be stuffed, as a warm-up, a small 125 km cycling…

Some young people will join him in distancing physical, of course. The population is invited to move, in solo or with the family, depending on the capabilities of each, with a 5 km run/walk, for example, or from 5 to 55 km of cycling. Participants are invited to make donations on the site About $ 4000 have been collected up to now.

Thinking on his future

Fifty-five years, it is also a good time to think about the rest of the things at the professional level. If the job that it has created “in his image” is paramount, it is considering to review its place in the organizational chart of Motivaction Jeunesse.

“I’m not bad, but I don’t want to leave because this is my baby. I still find my account, but the poutine of the day to day management, it is using. I would love to see more of the vision of the company, do the public relations and communications, to take care of funding and partnerships.”

Motivaction Jeunesse: intensité 55 [VIDÉO]

Luc Richer, accompanied by the young participants of the challenge Motivation youth.

The Sun, Erick Labbé



The impact of the pandemic on young people concerned about Luc Richer. Its protected the most at risk have disappeared from his radar screen. What are they doing, with whom, and where? Is there someone to care for them? As many of the questions that turlupinent the patron of Youth Action.

“Certainly it’s going to be collateral damage. We are anxious for some”, says the one with a non-profit organization has “been punished a lot with the closure of schools”.

Youth Action has a dozen offices in educational institutions from the Basse-Ville of Quebec, such as the training Centre Louis-Jolliet and the school Boudreau, in the area of Vanier. Schools that have students in difficulties and immigrants. Several are borderline and flirting with delinquency. The thread that binds them to the school is slim.

Difficult contact

“We usually have daily contact with them, but now, it is more difficult to reach. We wonder if they spend their time playing video games, if they eat, if they niaisent to the left and to the right. We did a boot camp virtual to keep in touch, but it has less impact. For us, it is the intervention of closeness that we did.”

Luc Richer understanding of the start of September, which should be done with the safety instructions may change its way of working and that of its dozen employees. “The needs are going to be extraordinary. We are going to have to do a lot of accompaniments to his mental health. We don’t know how it will happen. Since we work outside, it’s going to be easier, but groups may be smaller. Will we be able to fuller buses as before? Not sure.

“Let’s say that it’s going to be a nice challenge, have to see the same…” he says, optimistic. Normand Provencher

Le Soleil

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