Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet found the delights of the scene

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

The rocker franco-ontarian Mélissa Ouimet.


June 18, 2020 10: 57 am

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Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet found the delights of the scene

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

Yves Bergeras

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The rocker franco-ontarian Mélissa Ouimet takes to the road. And is about to rediscover the pleasures of the scene.

“It’s good!” exclaims Melissa Ouimet to the idea of reconnecting with a crowd, it was socially distant and hidden behind the windshield.

She had to settle for small concerts in a living room, these last few months, is about to go on the same stage as Marc Dupré, Friday and Saturday at Beauport.

The duo will kick off the big tour TD Musiparc who travelled across Québec until the 19th of July, which will allow thirty musicians and comedians to taste again the joys of the scene.

Finished, the virtual mode. Welcome back, public ! Finally, still not close enough to the crowd to be able to look the fans in the whites of the eyes… but, for the artists* who are participating in this tour, it is an important first step toward the reality “physics” of the concerts.

The tour Musiparc reproduced the concept of drive-ins. The public remains in the car, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, and can enjoy the spectacle with big screens installed in the vicinity of the stage, and by tuning in to their radio.

The artists will visit five cities, including Gatineau, in the framework of this tour (around 100 shows in a month and a half) co-organized by Musicor. In Gatineau, the festivities will take place on the site of the former ciné-parc Templeton.

At Beauport, Mélissa Ouimet provide the first part of Marc Dupré – who was the coach of the singer during her appearance on the show The Voice.

In total, Musicor offered him “”seven dates””: four in support of Marc Dupré; the other two where it warms the boards of Brigitte Boisjoli and 2 Brothers; and, finally, a concert where she is the headliner. For the latter, planned for July 5 and scheduled for Gatineau, of course – she will rise on the scene in formula “full band”, backed by his four musicians.

“A show complete with drums, keyboards, bass and guitar. But it will take place in two meters distance, on the stage!” promises wisely the rocker.

His partner, guitarist Bruno Labrie, will accompany her in a duet on the whole tour (except at Mercier, where he will be replaced by David Chauvette, guitarist of origin Mélissa Ouimet).

In music, the ex-cine-parc Templeton will be hosting, in order, France D’amour (the 23 and 24 June), Guylaine Tanguay (June 25), The Lost Fingers (26 and 27 June), and then, in July, Geneviève Jodoin & Laurence Jalbert (1), Marc Hervieux (2), Marc Dupré (3 and 4), Mélissa Ouimet (5), 2Frères (8 and 9), Kevin Parent (11), two other formations of the franco-ontarian LGS (The Swing), preceded by the Rat Swompe (12 July), Bruno Pelletier (16), Matt Lang (July 17) and, finally, Roxane Bruneau (18). Note that the Gatineau Renee Wilkin will ensure the first parts of four artists, over the course of the tour, but will not occur in Gatineau.

The site gatinois will also receive the visit of the comedians Réal Béland (10 July, Les Denis Drolet (July 15) and Dominic and Martin (19 July). They will be preceded by stand-up comedians of the next generation, such as Martin Vachon, Sébastien Ouellet, or Christian Sbrocca.

The ticket office for the performances of Musiparc Gatineau can be found here.

The full list of musicians, comedians and “musical discoveries” are assigned, the first parts can be found on the official website of Musiparc.

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

The most recent extract of Melissa Ouimet



“I did not expect to set foot on the stage [before the fall]. I’m really very lucky – and grateful – to have shows. This is a nice surprise, to think that we will be able to make the music live for people who are in front of us, even if it is not yet the proximity of a natural spectacle!”

She expects to live a lot of emotion, the 5 July. She senses that her musicians, just as it will be shared between the excitement of the moment and the apprehension of the return to the normal pandemic, marked by the absence of a stage and the stage shows, and lounges. “We’re going to be super hectic. It is fun to end up [on stage], do it all together. Especially that we don’t know when will be our next shows… It’s going to be emotional! “

And then, the formula ciné-parc, “it’s going to be different. There is something of vintage that speaks to me a lot. A return to what we knew before. This is special. And it is very cool! “

But “there will be no capture and replay, this time, she says. “It is live! If people don’t want to miss that, they need to be there!”

The rocker has planned to revisit the two albums as well as his hymn franco, Nobody can stop me, that she makes it her duty to play in Quebec. She likes to enjoy the song to remember the context – the mobilization of franco against the cuts of the government of ontario that focus on francophone resources, in 2018.

“I like to make links with what happened, the context. They [the Quebecois] are not in the same situation, but there is a connection. They include. It is of the same great family: la francophonie.”

Mélissa Ouimet will not forget to hear his most recent single, In Love Again, that is the beginning of a third installment. She sees in 2021: “I would like to launch it next year. I hope. Everything is a blur at the moment… and at the same time, we must move forward…”

Musiparc: Mélissa Ouimet retrouve les plaisirs de la scène

Mélissa Ouimet and her husband Bruno Labrie, at a “concert” room given live at the beginning of the confinement period.


Enjoy the COVID… to build relationships

The rest of the concert will be dedicated to covers. Since the beginning of the containment, Bruno Labrie, and it has become customary to offer, since their living room, small concerts, virtual Facebook Live. Their musical performances are often related to a theme (80’s, 90’s, etc) are full of occasions… including many that are special requests of the fans. These weekly appointments with people have allowed him to identify the covers the most successful and the most popular.

She wants to share on stage these songs planted Pink or Radiohead, and echo his passage to The Voice, where a wider audience has discovered and enjoyed, over times of great success.

Its “concerts of Thursday,” have enabled him to develop stronger relationships and more personalized with its fans, writes Mélissa Ouimet. “I was more present – and this in real time – on the social networks. ”

These sessions are live are à la bonne franquette: “it is we ourselves, in the process of talking in our living room. People have learned more about myself. They saw the chemistry that I have with Bruno. It has boosted the number of subscribers. And the people were faithful to the appointment. “It’s going to make me warm to the heart to see these people and sing for them.”

In a duo with Dupre ?

Mélissa Ouimet does not preclude joining Marc Dupré on the boards this weekend.

She felt that she had enough affinity and complicity with his ex-coach for this. “He told me, but nothing was organized. But, knowing him, it may be that five minute before going on the ‘stage’, he told me: ‘Go on! get in with me!, and we find ourselves together on stage.”

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