Mustache for the first time after the victory over Gassieva appealed to Ukrainians: touching video

Усик впервые после победы над Гассиевым обратился к украинцам: трогательное видео

The absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Ukrainian Alexander Usik after the historic win over the Russian Murat by Gassiev wrote an appeal to Ukrainians.

The corresponding video was published on PRO Boxing of Ukraine in Facebook.

So, boxer thanked all Ukrainians who supported him during the final fight of the world Boxing series.

“Ukraine, dear darling, thank you for your support! I’m going home with the Cup and another with belts. All good,” said Usyk.

However, it should be noted that Oleksandr Usyk has not left chances Murat Gassiev. If in the first few rounds, the Russians kept equal, then he had no chance of success.

The hope was, except for a lucky punch, but Alexander did everything that the opponent failed to throw even one powerful blow.

Barbel very well cut corners, we go for the front foot Gassieva, and constantly moving. Murat on the background of the Ukrainians seemed to be standing: he did not succeed in the attack, the Tendril all the time threw their punches.

In the last round no there was no plot: Alexander quietly dropped the pace, but was still much faster than the opponent, allowing easy brought the case to victory.

Усик впервые после победы над Гассиевым обратился к украинцам: трогательное видео

A crushing victory by points – 120: 110, 119: 109 and 119: 109 Oleksandr Usyk became the absolute world champion in heavy weight, breaking Murat Gassieva in Moscow.

Analysis of the battle

Anatoly Lomachenko – the secret of success

As he said himself, the Tendril in recent fights, he “stood still”. The firing of previous coach Sergey Vatamanyuk looked quite normal and will not seem a strange decision, after all, it Alexander went before the most important fight in his career.

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The fight against Gassieva fully confirmed the correctness of this decision, because his coach was Anatoly Lomachenko, father Vasyl Lomachenko, who has been acknowledged to be leading experts in one or luchshim coach of our time. This man probably won the fight. Cirrus spent a wonderful 12 rounds, only sometimes allowing the opponent to throw any punches.

Such powerful performances from the Ukrainians haven’t had: he was mocking the opponent. Footwork, constant series of speed – it was really powerful. Oleksandr Usyk in the final was presented by Vasyl Lomachenko a heavy weight. Not surprisingly, all this happened in the moment when in the corner of the Ukrainian was Anatoly Lomachenko.

Gassiev bag? In this game Yes

For those who have not seen Murat Gassieva, it may seem that he is an ordinary bag. Fixed a boxer with a steel jaw. In fact, Russian is much more dangerous and powerful, but this evening Gassiev really looked so sad.