Nabilla transformed, her new look has changed his life

Nabilla is no longer the same since a few years, and is assigned on its change of look, which has messed up his life.

Nabilla is the queen of social networks, since it has passed a new milestone impressive. It must be said that the young woman of 26 years takes the trouble to ensure that its publications are perfect, the history of collect a maximum of likes. A success which attracts the marks, which are always more numerous to want to work with it. Result, the former candidate for reality tv turned into a real influenceuse, leaving even aside his position as a columnist in Key Not at My Post on C8. It has also benefited from its new status to launch her brand of cosmetics, which she is very proud.

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But before getting there, Nabilla is often sought side look, as it was explained during an interview granted to our colleagues on the HuffPost : “Before, I didn’t know where to dress me up. I know that there are plenty of pictures of me where you see me with dresses, found I know not where. Dresses very short with very high heels. Learn how to dress, it is not innate. I feel so good in my current style. I’m happy about that.” Completed the outfits challenging to get to see, today, the darling of Thomas Vergara is a real woman : “I have the style of a woman of 26 years, which is class, which is a ‘a business woman’. It can also put outfits of jeans with a small white t-shirt. Especially, she assumes. It no longer has a need to show what is below to watch”. A new departure for Nabilla, has been accused of plagiarism with its cosmetics brand by a famous YouTubeuse.