Named the regions with the most comfortable business climate

							Названы регионы с наиболее комфортным бизнес-климатом

Vinnytsia region topped the rating of “Doing Business 2018” drawn up by the Office of effective regulation BRDO and the Union of Ukrainian entrepreneurs on the ease of doing business, writes DW. The three leaders were Ivano-Frankivsk and Zhytomyr oblasts.

“Vinnytsia region has the highest score in the overall standings, Zhytomyr region — generation component of the enterprise. Chernihiv ready to compete for construction projects and has the progress in allotment of land. But Kharkiv and Donetsk, the region most loyal to the business in question is paying taxes,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the BRDO Denis Malyuska.

In the regions the experts interviewed up to two thousand entrepreneurs. Is measured those components that are dependent on local authorities and could affect the business climate in the region. It is the creation of enterprises, registration of land, obtaining building permits, utility connections, local taxes, and the like. The maximum score that could obtain the regions 600, however, even regions that are the leaders scored just over 300 points. This rating is made in Ukraine for the second time. Last year the winner of the rating was the Sumy region.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine has rapidly risen in the ranking of economic freedom.