Named the streets of Kiev, where day of the accident

Названы киевские улицы, где сутки не будет воды из-за аварии

6 Dec from-for accidents remained without cold water supply houses on five streets of Kiev. Breakage promised to fix during the day.

According to “Kyivvodocanal”, as of 16:00 on December 6 repair crews worked on the localization and liquidation of damage on the network of cold water supply, which were recorded at the Main control room. The estimated term of elimination of the damage — day. Because of the accident there is no water at the following addresses:

  • PR-t Pravdy, 33, 35;
  • St. Ivan Boyko, 2, 4, 6, 8;
  • Estonskaya, 24, 22, 20;
  • miropolskaya str, 15, 17;
  • St. Alexander Boychenko, 15, 17.

Previously on Big Vasylkivska burst pipe with hot water. Just in Kiev has broken hundreds of pipes after running hot water. Meanwhile, the “Kyivvodocanal” reported, when and how much to raise fares. And heating for residents will rise from next year.