NASA released into orbit a new satellite that will save the Earth

NASA выпустило на орбиту новый спутник, который спасет Землю

The system will help to assess how outer body can be dangerous for the Earth.

Scientists from NASA in its work, recently revealed that modern planetary protection space Agency will now be able to use the new satellite Geostationary Lightning Mapper. He will literally protect the earth from the potential of a deadly asteroid.

New NASA satellite able to locate the approaching threat to Earth, meteors, asteroids and fireballs. We are talking about those celestial bodies, which are constantly watched by people across the planet. Often, they simply burn up in the atmosphere with strong friction with the air, are sometimes confused with the alien ships, and sometimes these asteroids can be deadly and can reach the Earth’s surface.

Scientists from NASA said that initially the satellite GLM developed in order for it to scan the Ground for the presence of bright flashes, explosions, fires, and other disasters, accompanied by strong lighting.

However, scientists were surprised when Sputnik started it easy to find the asteroids and meteorites in space. The fact that the camera takes 500 pictures of the Earth every second, but at the same time he is able to lock the flash at a distance of 35 thousand kilometers in space.

New NASA satellite gave a lot of important insights regarding the defense of Earth against deadly asteroids and meteorites. Assessment program space threats aimed at the improvement of the study of the possible impact of different bodies on the Earth. We are talking about the kinetic energy of the asteroid and what a shock wave it can cause a collision.

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New light profiles will now be installed on all future systems and satellites to study space threats.