NASA told about the history of the rectangular iceberg

							В NASA рассказали об истории прямоугольного айсберга

Known rectangular iceberg in Antarctica discovered by NASA experts in mid-October, broke off of the Larsen ice sheet a year ago, according to a NASA blog Earth Matters. During this time he has experienced many collisions with other icebergs.

As shown by the analysis of satellite images, a rectangular iceberg was formed in November 2017, a few months later when Larssen broke away another giant iceberg, a-68. Then its length was about four kilometers.

Moving North, the iceberg lost a part of its volume, whatevskis up to two kilometers. Colliding with other floes, iceberg got its unusual shape.

“By November of 2018, the iceberg came out in the open water, now it’s just another mass of ice on the way to his death,” NASA said in a statement.

Photo of the iceberg filmed from onboard the IceBridge mission, which specializiruetsya on monitoring changes in polar ice. Earlier in Chile from the glacier broke off a huge iceberg.