NASA will launch the tenth time partially established in Ukraine Antares rocket

 NASA в десятый раз запустит частично созданную в Украине ракету Antares

The us space Agency NASA in November, is preparing to send to the International space station cargo rocket Antares of the middle class, which is partially produced in Ukraine. The start is scheduled for November 15 at 11:49 in Kiev with a space truck Cygnus from the launch site at wallops island , writes TSTS.

Cygnus will deliver to the ISS cargo crew and research in biology and biotechnology. This is the tenth run starting in 2013. Ukraine cooperates with the United States for Antares 2008. The basic construction of the first stage developed on GP “CB “South” and it was released on SE “Pivdenmash”.

The ninth launch of the Antares rocket, the first stage of which was developed by the Ukrainian specialists took place on may 21.

We also wrote that NASA found new fuel for the Mars mission. The Agency recently lost contact with one of their space stations.